C/ Francisco Orejas Sierra nº 8, Entlo. E2
33401, Avilés, Asturias, España
T: (+34) 985 51 44 26
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In Acusmed the managerial ethics have been always the line directive for the accomplishment of our activity. Acting honestly is the form of which our clients, suppliers and workers / hard-working trust in us. We have a code of Conduct and Ethics of action that demonstrates our commitment to continue working with honesty and professionalism. Every member of the equipment is responsible for the fulfillment of these procedure, which basic props are the following ones:

  • Independence, impartiality and Integrity.
  • Fulfillment of laws, procedure and regulations.
  • Protection of the environment hospitalizes and externally.
  • Protection of the confidential information and another information reserved of Acusmed and that of our clients and suppliers.
  • Protection and suitable use of the goods of the company.
  • Treatment with respect of all the persons who are employed at Acusmed and of all his clients and suppliers. Information and external faithful and veracious communication.
  • Ethical resolution of conflicts of interest.
  • Care of the image of company.

If something characterizes us in ACUSMED it is the transparency and the deep respect to the care and protection of the Human rights. We compromise ourselves publicly to:

  • To promote and to sensitize by the beginning of equality of opportunities and respect to the diversity inside the values of the company.
  • To promote the conciliation of the labor and personal life, between our equipment of persons.
  • To promote the incorporation and labor integration, avoiding the discrimination especially in the processes of selection and professional promotion.
  • To integrate the management of the diversity in all the policies of direction and to make our commitment extensible to all our environment.
  • In the new incorporations to the company, to promote and support the management of the diversity, the equality of opportunities man-to-man and women.
ACUSMED - C/ Francisco Orejas Sierra nº 8, Entlo. E2. 33401, Avilés, Asturias, España. - T: (+34) 985 51 44 26 - Legal Notice